Send a Patient a Message

To send a message to a hospital patient at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco, please complete this form and click on "send." Your message will be delivered within one business day -- Monday to Friday only.

To contact a patient directly, please call (415) 353-1664.

Please do not send messages that are urgent or confidential. We cannot confirm delivery. We cannot forward this message if the recipient is no longer a hospital patient or if we cannot locate the recipient using the information provided. Please see our Terms of Use statement.

Provide your phone number if you'd like the patient or the patient's family to call you.

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Mail a Letter to a Patient

During your child's hospital stay, mail will be delivered to your child's room each day. For prompt delivery, please ask your family and friends to address letters and cards with your child's name, room number and the words "Patient Mail" on the lower left corner of the envelope. Mail will be forwarded to your home address after your child is discharged.

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